Why would a government user consider buying bandwidth service from a commercial source? There are several imperatives for considering XTAR commercial capacity:

  • Non-preemptible – When a user signs a contract, they cannot be preempted by higher-priority users.
  • Operationally independent – Responsible users are not forced to disclose operational information, such as terminal location, and can therefore maintain anonymity.
  • Interoperable with MILSATCOM systems Backward compatibility means that an investment in X-band equipment will not be wasted when a switch to MILSATCOM becomes feasible.
  • Faster certification of new technology – XTAR gets users up and running without delay, with a certification process that is measured in weeks, not years.
  • Highly responsive customer support – A single point of contact, confirming availability of service, performing necessary link budgets, and bringing the customer onto the satellite in less than 24 hours.
  • Singleness of mission – XTAR is focused exclusively on supporting the government user; there are no conflicts of interest resulting from business with commercial users.
  • Reliable, trusted partner to resellers – Our customer-attentive team and focus on our core business make XTAR the ideal partner for resellers, integrators, and solutions providers.