In the congested world of satellite operators, XTAR is unique in its mission and focus: we only support military and government users. Offering service in the X-band frequency range via two satellite payloads, XTAR is the provider of choice to support bandwidth-hungry applications in the most demanding environments in the air, on the ground and at sea. Countries around the world trust XTAR to support critical services such as border security and information gathering.

Founded in 2001, XTAR, LLC is the first commercial satellite operator to provide services in the X-band frequency. XTAR is a privately owned company backed by majority shareholder Loral Space & Communications of New York. XTAR also enjoys investment and support from minority shareholder Hisdesat Strategic Services SA. XTAR launched its fleet without government funding, employing its own technical and financial resources for a system that is reserved exclusively for the benefit of the government user.