Next Generation Satellites

In May, 2019, Hisdesat announced that it will construct two additional satellites through which XTAR will provide service in the X, Mil-Ka and UHF frequency bands. This move ensures continuous and reliable operations on the XTAR fleet for decades to come.

The new satellites, SPAINSAT NG 1 and 2, will include state-of-the-art features such as

  • X-band and Mil Ka-band with cross strapping capabilities
  • X-band antennas with electronic beam forming and beam steering capabilities. Up to 16 beams (global, regional and spot). Gain of transmit antenna can be adjusted on a per carrier basis.
  • Ka-band antennas to include 6 steerable spot beams
  • Encrypted command and telemetry
  • Digital payload with no fixed transponders. Flexibility to allocate channels of any size and beam connectivity.
  • Anti-jamming features to include nulling and geo-location capabilities on receive antenna. Can turn off the downlink of an unauthorized carrier.
  • Nuclear hardened to include HANE protection up to NATO requirements